Saturday, March 29, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle little Star. I wonder if you know how loved you are...

Since the Babyshower theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, my goal is to hang stars everywhere for the babyshower 

So inexpensive. I cut these stars from card stock and glued them on jute twine

I traced the stars onto the cardstock and just cut them with scissors. One sheet makes about 10 stars. So inexpensive.

I hung the twine from a curtain rod and just started gluing the stars, alternating the placements.  So many more to go

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Shower prizes for Baby Shower games

We have these cute prizes for the ladies for our baby shower games.  A set of nailpolish in a mason glass jar.  We wanted something the ladies would use and since you can't eat it, no weight gain... yes!!

From this...

To This... 

Supplies needed. Tissue paper for the bottom of the jar. Nail polish, these are rather flat shaped nail polishes from Icing, they fit in the jars perfectly. Tulle to wrap around the top of the jar with a bow and little baby feet stickers for the top of the jar. This took no time at all to assemble and they could be used as favors too. Everyone is going to want to win a prize.  How Pretty by Design

Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby Shower decorations full force

So here is my finished baby wagon.  So cute, I must say.  Love my Ty Beanie Baby in the cart.  I purchased this Ty Beanie baby in 1999.  I'm so glad I saved it.  Its not the typical little beanie babies, its one of the larger ones.  I purchased about 4 of them back in the 90's.  I have this one, and a few other colors.  Maybe if I ever have a Grand-baby girl I will bring out the cranberry pink one I have stored away, but I do love the blues.

The wooden cart I purchased from Ace Moore, I also purchased the royal blue and sky blue paint from there as well.  I started off by painting the cart with both colors.

 These large wooden circles were also purchased at AC Moore.  I don't think they were meant to be wheels, but I worked it.

 Painted four of the circles baby blue

I purchased these wooden stars from Hobby Lobby, these are the same stars I used for the Wind Mobile.  I also painted them the color baby blue

All the circles (wheels) painted

Everything painted and waiting to be dried.  I have no patience, but waited until the next day.
 I glued the wheels with Elmers Wood glue

 Let each side set for one whole day

Purchase this beautiful decorated mesh from The Christmas Tree Shop, its huge. Its 21 inch wides and has 10 yards.  It was only $4.99.  I will find many uses for it.  I purchased a royal blue and baby blue. 

Here is the adorable cart.  So easy.  I think I'm going to add a thick twine rope to look like the handle for the baby cart, I'm always thinking...
Side views

I'm sure this is not the finished product.  I will probably add some spokes to the wheels and who knows what else.  Keep watching for, Pretty Things by Design.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Shower in the making

Look at these pretty gems I purchased from The Christmas Tree Shop.  They will definitely work for my outdoor Baby Shower.  They were only $1.27 each, yes I know such a steal.  I am always on the look out for a bargain.  They are a nice size and match my color scheme, all blue.  Not sure if I will use for  candles or perhaps put flowers in them.  Time will tell.  So Pretty, they will twinkle in the Sun (weather permitting)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby Shower Decoration

Since my daughters Baby Shower Theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I decided to make this cute star wind mobile.  Its going to look great blowing in the wind outside and it was so easy to make.  Its not finished, some of the stars will be painted in gold, just haven't bought the paint yet.

Wondering how this was made?  it was so easy. I purchased a plain metal hoop, tulle, jute twine and a pack of wooden stars that came in different sizes. Everything was purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I hung the metal hoop from my chandelier to make it easier.  I cut strips of tulle and looped the tulle on the hoop.  I used alternating colors.  I used three strips of baby blue and three strips royal blue.  I did this until the ring was covered.

I added twine 4 pieces of twine from one side of the loop to the other, making sort of a pie chart. 

  Then I tied long pieces of twine from the top which hung all the way down to hang the stars from

This is what it looks like when you have looped all the tulle on the hoop.  You can leave it like that if you like.  It would look adorable in pink with ballerinas hanging on the twine instead of stars for a ballerina theme party or baby girl shower.

you take each individual tulle and just tie a bow, simple as that.

Just fluff the bows out by pulling the tulle on the bow loops

keep fluffing the tulle until your happy with the fullness

This is what it should look like when your done

I used little dabs of hot glue to glue the stars on the twine.  You can use clear string it you don't want to see the string.  I used twine to make it look more rustic since this is for a baby boy shower.   You don't have to use stars, you can use what matches your theme.


This is what it looks like when its finished. It kind of looks like stars dangling from a puffy cloud. Cant wait to see it blow in the wind at my daughters outdoor Baby Shower.  
Pretty Things by Design.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ideas for the Baby Shower

I'll be transforming this small wooden crate into a baby wagon to put this adorable bear in.  Stay tuned. Super Easy!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Goodies I found at AC Moore

I went to AC Moore today and found a few items that I have been looking for.  I have been searching for a galvanized container for a while, but they have been to small or to expensive.  I  found a perfect one today at a great price and only for $5.99.  I have also been looking for a small crate which I plan to transform into a little wagon.  I purchased glass latch jars that I will fill with items for the Baby Shower prizes. Purchased organza ribbon for one dollar, wooden stars that I have started painted different shades of blue.  Also found this great wooden Baby sign and it was only $1.19, its not the color I was looking for but I will easily paint it blue.  My weekends will be filled with making Pretty Things by Design...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pretty Flowers made out of Coffee Filters.

What a great idea, thanks to Michella Marie for putting up this tutorial.  These will look great at the Baby Shower.  This is my very first attempt at making them and each one only took a few minutes to finish.  I have to keep practicing and see how I can perfect them. Maybe dye the paper a ombre blue to make them look like hydrangeas (my favorite flower). I think the possibilities are endless.  In clusters they would look fabulous.  Want to learn how to make them? click below