Sunday, April 26, 2015

Paw Patrol Dog House

Super easy to make, thanks to pinterest and the 

1 home depot box. Cut the bottom off completely
Cut the flaps on the opposite ends and leave the other two flaps on.

With your two remaining flaps cut them  corner to corner to make peaks, and I used this bucket to make the round shape for the opening.

I used the two flaps that were cut off from the top and two flaps from the bottom of the box and ducked taped them together. I thought this way was easiest for me.

I layed the four pieces on top of the box with the duck tape on the inside

My doggie was convinced, yay me

Spray painted the bottom portion blue and the top red.  Once the blue was dried. I cut a garbage bag and covered the blue section so that red would not spray on the blue.

Cut out a bone from the scraps left from the bottom flaps of the box,painted it yellow. Added letters,  purchased these from Dollar General and glued the doggie wooden decal I got from AC Moore.. Viola, Paw Patrol Dog house.. Love it and it was so simple to make.

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