Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bridal Shower Wishing Well

I searched everywhere for instructions on how to make a wishing well but couldn't find anything, so I decided to make my own and post instructions on how I made mine. 

I made this Country Barn theme wishing well for my Nieces Bridal Shower.  At first I was a bit stumped on how I could make it look country and give it the Barn feel since the actual Wedding will be in a barn, burlap! Yesssss

Here is what I started with.  A box from Home Depot, any big box would do. Large wooden poles to hold up the top of the wishing well, purchased mine from Hobby Lobby. White wrapping paper from the dollar store. Twine, burlap material, banner cut outs made out of linen already precut, rubber cement, duck tape and some tule

I cut out 2 sides from the top of the box and folders down the other two sides to give it a little more thickness and strength to hold the wooden poles. You can cut all four sides too if you desire. The sections you cut off will be used to make the top part of the wishing well. If you only cut off the two sides you will need additional cardboard to complete the top part of the wishing well. If I had to do it again I would cut off all four sides. Live and learn

I ducked tapped the two sides that I left on and used a metal skewer to make a hole through the box. Secured the poles with lots of hot glue and tie ribbon through the holes that were made with the skewers. (Don't mind the four legged furry friend in the background )

I covered the box with the white wrapping paper, you can totally skip this because you will also be covering the box with the burlap material, but since I am a perfectionist and didn't want to see the  writing that was on the box I covered the entire box. I used rubber cement for this but you could also just wrap the paper on the box like a gift box and use tape.

Then I glued all sides with burlap material. I used the hot glue gun for this which also helped the material stop fraying.

This is how I made the decoration for the front of the box. I took a piece of burlap material a little larger than the front of the box. I tied it in the middle with the twine and then I tied the other two section in the middle. Final touch tule bows where I tied with twine.

I needed more height because the poles weren't long enough, so just used an empty spool of ribbon. Not sure if you can see the inside of the box but it's in there.  You could use anything you have such as a box, a block of styrofoam, anything that will give you a little height. I hot glued it to keep it secured.

I hung the pre-cut banner to the front of the box. I added glitter letters to the banner to personalize the wishing well.

Now time to make the top part of the wishing well. I cut out triangles by drawing a straight line from one corner and just traced the cut out triangle to make the other matching triangle.

I then covered the triangles with the burlap material

Here are the 2 pieces I cut off from the top of the box. I ducked taped them together, this makes the peak to the wishing well

I then placed the long pieces on top of the triangles and hot glued them from the inside.

I repeated the steps on the opposite side.

place the top resting on the two poles and used tons of hot glue to keep it all in place and added the burlap material to the front and back of the top peak 

I added two tule bows on the side

Here's another angle

Then I just draped some twine on the front top for a little more rustic feel

I took the letters and glued them just to one of the twine strings so they could hang freely

Here is the wishing well at the shower

For my first attempt at a wishing well, I think it came out pretty good.

There are so many variations of this wishing well you can make. You can make it more elegant by using silk materials or satin. You can use various colors for baby shower or bridal showers. Just use your imagination. How Pretty By Design.

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