Friday, May 29, 2015

Paw Patrol Party

I made these super easy Paw Patrol Birthday goodie bags

I purchased these bags from AC Moore and Hobby Lobby

I also purchased theses simple tags from Hobby Lobby
Paw print stamp and black ink purchased from Hobby Lobby
Printed paw prints on the bags and tags

I needed a way to close the bags, so I just used another bag and put it over the filled goodie bag

 I hole punched the middle

Inserted a coordinating color ribbon and tag

This is what the bag over the filled goodie bag looks like
Cut the long section of the bag you put over the filled goodie bag.  I used decorative scissors.

End result.  Super easy and what kid wouldn't want one. How Pretty by Design...


  1. Where can I find the template for the bagde inviation?

    1. @jajuanadelatte I purchased the invitation from Etsy