Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paw Patrol Jello Cups

I made these adorable Paw Patrol theme jello cups from recycled Gerber baby food plastic containers.

Kids love them.

This is what they look like before. They are Gerber Lil Bits.

I cleaned them out as I used them and saved them to use for jello cups. The top is perfect because it has a recessed round shape where I place the paw print stickers.  I made the stickers by buying these ready made round stickers and stamped the paw print on them.

I ran out of the round stickers and just cut colored stock paper circles with decorative scissors, stamped the paw print and hot glued them on.

Stacked them on this cup cake carrier to transport them. Kids loved them and you can do this for any theme and any color. How pretty by design.

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